Summary of May 2018 Releases

We are happy to announce the availability of our May rolling releases for all CloudBees Solutions: CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise (CJE), CloudBees Jenkins Platform (CJP), CloudBees DevOptics and  Codeship By CloudBees. Notable highlights include the ability to install and manage CJE 2.x on Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) and the addition of Plugin Catalog, which enables CJE and CJP customers to add plugins easily to their Jenkins instance even when they are not included in the CloudBees Assurance Program (CAP).

CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise

Our flagship solution for enterprise-ready CI/CD in the cloud, CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise solves the automation needs of organizations requiring scalability, security, manageability and resiliency capabilities with Jenkins.

Feature Benefit

Install and manage CJE 2.x on Google Kubernetes Engine

This release features direct integration with GKE and is a continuation of our strategy to offer CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise on all major cloud service providers.

Supports K8s version 1.7 and higher.


CJE runs natively inside a Google-hosted Kubernetes service:

Quickly onboard teams and provision masters with a few clicks.
  • Provides a CI/CD solution for all your applications - not just modern apps. Develop and deploy regardless of whether they are cloud native or legacy.

Cross Team Collaboration triggers

This feature simplifies how users connect pipelines and removes the previous complexity when triggering downstream jobs, eliminating the need to identify and maintain the full path for every downstream job.

Increases automation and collaboration, which lowers the need for manual handoffs between teams. This also reduces the overhead for managing dependencies between builds.


CloudBees Jenkins Platform

CloudBees Jenkins Platform, our on-premise CI/CD solution, forms the base of CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise with proprietary features and stable monthly updates, along with trusted support. Features highlighted below are also included in CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise.

Feature Benefit

Plugin Catalog

A plugin catalog, which is a JSON file, containing non-CAP plugin references with specified plugin versions can now be installed on client-masters and non-CAP plugins can be managed using Beekeeper Upgrade Assistant.

CAP has to be enabled with Beekeeper Upgrade Assistant.

Extending Beekeeper Upgrade Assistant improves plugin management and makes our product more lovable for the user with increased control over plugin usage.

Security Warnings

Both CJP and CJE will display notifications in the home page's top menu when new security advisories and updates are available.

Brings security concerns to your attention faster and helps users to prioritize upgrades more efficiently.

CloudBees DevOptics 

CloudBees DevOptics provides live insights into the end-to-end application value stream by aggregating data from all of your teams, tools and applications to create a holistic view of your software delivery process.

Feature Benefit

Complete SaaS delivery of all DevOptics Functionality Replaces Jenkins Plugin

Provides a full SaaS solution for DevOptics (including the UI and DevOptics Service) with user onboarding and management and replaces the current Jenkins plugin implementation.

Reduces the risk of destabilizing the existing Jenkins infrastructure while supporting rapid adoption.

  • Easy configuration and adoption of metrics across existing infrastructure.
  • Simplified installation for faster time to value.
  • Significantly decreased dependencies.

DevOps Performance Metrics in Value Streams (MTTR, DF, CFR, MLT)

An automated collection and display of fundamental DevOps Performance metrics popularized in the annual State of DevOps report. These metrics are leading indicators of IT and organizational performance.

The base set of metrics provided in this release include:

  • Deployment Frequency: The frequency of successful runs of any gates identified (in the value stream definition) as deployed gates.
  • Mean Lead Time: The mean time it takes for a ticket and associated commits to successfully flow through a gate.
  • Change Failure Rate: The number of nonsuccessful runs of a gate as a percentage of total runs.
  • Mean Time To Recover: The mean time it takes for a gate to return to a successful state from when it enters a non-successful state.

DevOps Performance Metrics enables continuous improvement across all of your teams with up-to-the-minute data:

  • Eliminate intensive and error-prone manual data collection with turnkey DevOps performance metrics.
  • Make informed decisions to improve business outcomes based on trusted, easy-to-understand dashboards.
  • Support increased adoption of best practices by demonstrating DevOps-driven improvements across your application value streams.


A look into DevOptics:


A look into DevOptics part 2:



Codeship By CloudBees

Codeship by CloudBees, the SaaS CI/CD solution that empowers engineering teams to practice and optimize continuous integration and delivery in the cloud for everything from simple web apps to modern microservice architectures to achieve fast, secure and frequent code delivery.

 Feature Benefits

Manual Approval Step

For Codeship Pro only, a new manual step type is provided that will instruct Codeship to pause a build and wait for manual approval from a project owner.

  • This is a group type step inside your codeship-services.yml file and, for now, will be limited to a single manual-type build group per relevant branch in a build.
  • Better control and management of your builds.
  • Increases awareness of what happens and when it occurs within your builds.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Update

GDPR was passed by the EU in 2016, requiring companies that do business with EU citizens to respect the privacy of its users. Here's what we've implemented to address this:

  • A new step to the signup flow that informs the user what we are gathering and why we are doing this.
  • A new section to the personal preferences view, to allow a user to opt-in/-out of tracking.
  • Added new notifications to prompt existing users to review and consent to privacy policy updates.
  • A check on both frontend and backend, to ensure that tracking is only enabled for users who have consented to be tracked.
  • Removed conversion and marketing trackers from the app
    • Google, Facebook, Twitter etc.

Codeship promises to do right by its customers and takes your privacy seriously.

With Codeship's large presence in the EU, the aforementioned changes were rolled out to help our customers understand what data is being collected and how it is being used. Please feel free to contact us directly with any concerns at

Security Updates

Security updates were included in the May releases of CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise and CloudBees Jenkins Platform. Please see the security advisory details below for information on exactly how these changes may affect you.

We strongly recommend staying up-to-date with a regular upgrade cadence in order to take advantage of all patches and bug fixes shipped from our engineering team on a monthly basis. Contact your Customer Success Manager to schedule time and coordinate an upgrade cadence if you have not already done so. 

Security Advisory Details

  1. Jenkins Security Advisory 2018-05-09

This advisory announces vulnerabilities in the following Jenkins deliverables:

* Jenkins (core)
* Black Duck Hub Plugin
* Black Duck Hub Plugin
* Gitlab Hook Plugin
* Groovy Postbuild Plugin

Release Notes

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