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CloudBees Support

Leverage the collective wisdom of the CloudBees Support team. Get help troubleshooting issues with CloudBees Products. Learn about DevOps best practices, and find Knowledge Base articles with solutions to common problems.

CloudBees Resources

The following is a collection of resources that will help you with installing, configuring, customizing, and supporting your CloudBees Applications.

CloudBees Product Downloads

Download self-hosted CloudBees products.

CloudBees CI Plugins

Find CloudBees CI plugins, access their documentation, and learn about our support terms for proprietary and community plugins.

CloudBees cbsupport Utility

cbsupport is a command-line tool that makes it easy to collect data commonly required for supporting CloudBees products.

CloudBees Product Documentation

Landing page for documentation about all CloudBees products.

CloudBees Support
Quick Tips

This is a collection of some of the information that is most commonly requested by our customers.

Prepare Jenkins For Support

This Knowledge Base article provides baseline JVM and OS settings that our Support team recommends be applied to all CloudBees CI environments.

CloudBees Supported Platforms

This page includes information about the supported Operating Systems, JVM versions, and other related details for all CloudBees products.

CloudBees Plugin Support Policies

Here you will find information about the different levels of support that we provide for CloudBees CI plugins, depending on whether the plugin is included in the CloudBees Assurance Program or not.

CloudBees Support Terms and Conditions

This page sets out the terms and conditions of our support offering, including SLAs for various case severity levels.

CloudBees Product Troubleshooting Quick Start

The Troubleshooting Quick Start will guide you through the initial steps required to troubleshoot common issues with our products. Following these guides may help you resolve the issue, or help you collect necessary information to share with our team.