Summary of October 2017 Releases

On Oct 11, we published rolling releases for CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise and CloudBees Jenkins Team. We also published fixed and rolling releases for CloudBees Jenkins Platform. At the end of October, we made available CloudBees DevOptics Deliver, a new offering that provides live insights into the end-to-end application delivery stream by aggregating data from software pipelines and jobs to create a holistic view of the software delivery process. 

CloudBees DevOptics Deliver

A SaaS solution, CloudBees DevOptics Deliver collects build events from Jenkins jobs and pipelines to create a live view of software delivery. This solution helps organizations manage, analyze and manage DevOps initiatives. We welcome you to schedule a demo.

Feature Benefit

Live graphical view of application delivery stream from commit to production

Enables end-to-end visualization identifies dependencies on upstream and downstream process as well as bottlenecks.

Integrates with Git and Jira

Helps users get to the root cause of failures or delays by exposing code and corresponding ticket.

Drill down into individual projects (gates) to view failure and success of jobs

Enables collaboration among teams by answering what happened, where and when.

Search for changes by ticket, timeframe or assignee

Serves as single source of truth by being able identify where a fix or feature is in application delivery.

CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise 1.9.2

Our flagship product, CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise (CJE) solves the automation needs of organizations that need scalability, security, manageability and resiliency capabilities.

We improved upon the new user experience with an additional role - Guest - which enables a user to have read only access to a team's pipelines and jobs, see screenshot below.


Feature Benefit

Team guest role
a type of team member in the drop down menu of the new user experience. This guest role can be used to give users read only access to the team pipelines.

Enables collaboration and increases visibility across the organization.

Auto update system credentials
Automate the ability to update system credentials in the CJE cluster

IT policies often mandate the recycling of sensitive credentials used by a product. This feature allows admins to easily update the different system credentials in the product.

Blue Ocean Improvements

Blue Ocean 1.3.0 shipped and will be available to CJE and CJT customers in the November rolling upgrade.

Improvement Benefit

Create Pipelines with any Git server
Developers can create and edit a Pipeline graphically for a repository stored on any Git server

Increases flexibility and make pipeline creation easier by allowing developers to use any version of Git.

Support for Parallel Stages

Developers can now specify settings, such as variables and agents, for Parallels in the visual pipeline editor or Declarative pipeline syntax

Increases pipeline execution speed by enabling code to be tested on different environments in parallel. For example, browser tests require different browsers and operating systems. 

Security Updates 

Security updates to Jenkins core and plugins were included in October releases of CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise, CloudBees Jenkins Platform and CloudBees Jenkins Team. For more information, follow this link, we encourage you to upgrade because this is the only way to get security fixes.

Release Notes

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