Summary of November 2017 Releases

We are excited to announce the availability of our November fixed and rolling releases for CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise and CloudBees Jenkins Platform. A major highlight in this month's release is the addition of CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise (CJE) to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace. If you are an AWS customer, you can try CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise free directly from the Marketplace without having to worry about configuration or deployment issues.


CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise 1.10.0

Our flagship product, CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise (CJE), solves the automation needs for organizations requiring scalability, security, manageability and resiliency capabilities with Jenkins. We have added many improvements in this release, two noteworthy features are the availability of CJE directly on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and the ability to bulk add team members with the new user experience. 

Feature Benefit

CJE is available as a 'tile' on AWS Marketplace
Enterprises can easily install a CJE cluster on AWS via the AWS Marketplace. Clicking on the tile initiates a self-service CJE trial experience that is truly 'one-click'.

Enterprises can try CJE on AWS using their own AWS account. This makes it easy to quickly test CJE in their cloud environment and leverages the Amazon cloud for scalability without having to worry about configuration and deployment.

Resource tags are now applied to all AWS resources created on AWS, including Elastic Block Store (EBS) snapshots.

All of the AWS resources created by CJE on AWS will be tagged based on the values set by the CJE Admin at the time of installing the cluster on AWS.

Administrators can clearly identify all the resources provisioned by CJE. This can be used to simplify accounting, auditing and validate billing.

Encryption of EBS volumes in a CJE cluster
The CJE Admin setting up the cluster on AWS can configure the product to encrypt the EBS volumes, which is stores the "$JENKINS_HOME" data.

This feature ensures the Jenkins data is securely encrypted and stored on AWS, reducing the risk for enterprise customers.
Improved default resource settings for the ElasticSearch cluster
The default settings for the ElasticSearch containers have been improved to meet real-world workloads.
This feature enables CJE Administrators to save time by using the pre-configured settings for Elasticsearch.
Ability to set docker private registry mirror while installing CJE cluster
CJE Admins can easily configure a proxy/mirror for their private Docker registry while installing CJE cluster.
This feature enables security conscious customers to be compliant with their IT standards because it limits access to Docker images through a central access point.

Manage team security through CLI 
CLI commands can be used to automate team security management. CLI commands can be used to list roles, get role permissions, and update/delete roles.

See documentation :

Team security can be fully customizable and automated by using the CLI, enabling bulk and individual (granular) changes to be made.

Team management through the CLI simplifies migration of users, projects and pipelines to the new user experience.

CloudBees Jenkins Platform 

Our older product, entitled CloudBees Jenkins Platform, forms the base of CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise with features that address enterprise needs such as scalability, manageability, and security.

Improvement Benefit

CyberArk Application Identity Manager integration (AIM) with CJP and CJE

CyberArk AIM is a third-party security solution that system administrators use to simplify credentials management. Contact your Customer Success Manager for more information regarding this plugin.

This feature reduces security concerns by removing hard-coded passwords (secrets) from Jenkins jobs.

Security Updates 

Security updates to Jenkins core and plugins were included in November releases of CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise, CloudBees Jenkins Team and CloudBees Jenkins Platform. For more information, please follow this link. We encourage you to upgrade because this is the only way to receive security fixes.

Release Notes

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