New in-product, upgrade notifications with CloudBees Jenkins Platform

We are proud to announce the immediate availability of CloudBees Jenkins Platform, which offers upgrade notifications and many key improvements such as a bump on the Jenkins core to the 2.32.1 LTS line. In addition, you may have noticed this blog post is posted on Cloudbees Network or CBN. As the hub of all product related knowledge, CBN is where you will find all future product announcements. Once again, all enhancements and fixes are for the rolling release only. Fixed releases have diverged from rolling releases (locked to 2.7.X) and will follow a separate schedule.

Release Highlights

In-product upgrade notifications

Beekeeper Upgrade Assistant allows users to review and install upgrades of verified components, tested through the CloudBees Assurance Program (CAP). Up to now, this recommended configuration or envelope was only updated when new releases were announced. Starting with this release, CloudBees can update the configuration between releases, so that fixes can be safely deployed, keeping the Jenkins instance safely in the recommended configuration. This is a huge benefit, because customers will be able to obtain CAP updates as they become available - rather than waiting for the envelope update in a major CJP release.

Customers using Beekeeper Upgrade Assistant and CloudBees Update Centers will be proactively notified in the application as shown in screenshot below.


At this point, administrators can go to the Beekeeper Upgrade Assistant for an overview of what upgrades are available. When upgrades are selected, subsequent screens will guide the administrator through the process and indicate if upgrades have been installed successfully.


Jenkins Core Bumped to 2.32.1 LTS line

This is the second LTS upgrade on the rolling release and we will continue to include the latest and greatest stable Jenkins core. In addition to fixing 50+ bug fixes since the previous LTS release, this release includes some performance improvements and, most importantly, upgrades the Jenkins Remoting Module from version 2.6 to 3.1. The Jenkins Remoting model is at the heart of all communications not only between client masters and agents but also between CloudBees Jenkins Operation Center (CJOC) and each client master. In addition, administrative alerts in the Jenkins UI will now show on most administrative pages, making it easier for admins to spot important alerts.

Product Announcements on CloudBees Network

In case you have not discovered CloudBees Network or CBN, this site is our hub for product related information, including free online training. All future product announcements and news will be posted in a blog here because it centralizes product knowledge in one location. Although in its infancy now, we intend to add a search bar and an index to make it faster to find posts.

CloudBees Assurance Program (CAP) Updates

Improvements Benefits

Beekeeper Simplified Upgrades

Beekeeper Upgrade Assistant now allows users to review and install upgrades for verified components in the CloudBees Assurance Program. This includes -

  • In-product notifications when upgrades to verified and pre-tested configurations are available. (Please note the following screenshot is from an early version of this UI)

  • A report of the components that will be changed on upgrade to the next revision of the CloudBees Jenkins Platform Distribution.

  • An option to upgrade or restart a failed upgrade to the next revision of the CloudBees Jenkins Platform Distribution.

Verified plugin refreshes:

These verified plugin updates primarily focus around adopting a new method for more efficiently storing credentials in core Jenkins. This new method called "SecretBytes" allows credentials to be encrypted in a standardized way across all plugins that support credential/secret storage. Can read more on the advantages here:

  • credentials - new API call to ensure credentials are using the new, more efficient method for storing encrypted bits ("SecretBytes") and an option to force encryption of credentials with groovy scripting

  • credentials-binding - added support for masking passwords in freestyle jobs, resolving bugs in resolving substring secrets, added compatibility for tracking credentials usage, and added better support for using credentials in pipelines

  • git - provides better integration with Pipeline Shared Libraries, adds command line git support for multi-branch pipelines, includes support for credentials 2.1, and fixes bugs when removing deleted branches from multi-branch pipeline and creating multi-branch cache parent directories

  • git-client - added command line git support for multi-branch pipelines, fixed timeout bug when checking out from the command line and when using "git ls-remote" in the command line

  • plain-credentials - added support new credentials encryption standard, "SecretBytes"

  • secure-requester-whitelist - no notable updates - just updated dependencies

  • docker-workflow - no notable updates - just removed "CloudBees" from name

CloudBees Jenkins Platform Updates

Improvements Details

Bump to Jenkins OSS 2.32.X

Remoting Improvements - Major Remoting Upgrade from 2.6 to 3.1

Performance Improvements

50+ Bugs resolved for Jenkins core in last 3 months

Upgrade pipeline components

  • Memory usage optimizations JENKINS-39456

  • Stability updates to reduce hanging Pipelines

  • Support for more native Groovy language methods, including support for:

    • super.method(… ) calls

    • abstract methods

    • list to constructor coercion

  • Minor bug fix

  • Improved exception reporting from Job.logRotate.

  • Improved error message when there is a problem helping users identify problems more quickly.

  • Minor performance optimizations

  • Minor bug fix tied to changes in Pipeline CPS plugin

  • Documentation updated to help set users' expectations about when and how to successfully user 'stash' and 'unstash' steps

  • Improved diagnostics for 'timeout' step to help troubleshoot problems

  • Fixed problem with 'timeout' step not working inside withEnv block. JENKINS-34637

  • No user-facing changes, only internal metadata

  • Eliminate possible race condition

  • Allow jobs to be terminated in middle of 'build' step

  • Users can now specify a list of users or groups who can approve an 'input' step JENKINS-31425

  • Users can now reference the user id of the person who submitted a decision for an input step (JENKINS-31396) This means the script can potentially take specific actions based on who submitted input.

  • Bug fix related to timeout around input step. JENKINS-38380

  • Minor bug fix in logging

Update cloudbees-license to 9.3

Allows the setup wizard to work even if the Jenkins has an expired CloudBees license

Backup plugin 3.32

The backup plugin will now provide more information about the backup process, especially when the backup cannot proceed due to a lack of permissions. Improves logging to facilitate diagnosis

Cloudbees-consolidated-build-view is no longer supported

The CloudBees Consolidated Build View Plugin is no longer supported


Move/Copy/Promote feature made easier to user with general fixes to functionality. Client Masters and Managed Masters can no longer be copied, they can only be moved.

  • Templates can no longer be moved or copied.

  • Improve diagnosability with better logging

  • Optimize performance by removing redundant iterations on builds

Operations Center

Expose more diagnostic information about Operations Center Agent Clouds.

SSL/HTTPS support

Deprecate the capability to declare in Operations Center’s Security page the SSL certificate used by Operations Center that Client Masters should trust.We recommend to instead use the standard JVM solution pattern to trust additional SSL certificates through the addition of the desired SSL certificates in the JVM truststore as described in this CloudBees Knowledge Base article.

Operations Center Connectivity

Deprecate ping interval property in minutes in favour of a new one in seconds. Set the default interval to 35 seconds

High Availability Documentation

Rewrite documentation on how to configure high availability and SSL on CJP

Custom Update Centers

Fix a bug which prevented custom update centers from downloading information about Jenkins tool configurations

  • Fix the Client Master signature check failure when using an Update Center defined on CJOC.

  • NullPointerException while a client master item is configured

Rename SSH Slaves plugin

Release of SSH Build Agents Plugin (renamed from SSH Slaves) to conform to naming conventions

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