User friendly pipelines in CloudBees Jenkins Platform

We are excited to announce the immediate availability of CloudBees Jenkins Platform, which adds support for declarative pipeline syntax and many improvement as well as the February security release. This release also coincides with the launch of the user community, a feature of CloudBees Network, as the forum for customer collaboration. CloudBees Jenkins Platform functionality is included in CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise, which includes scalability, manageability, resiliency and security.

Release Highlights

Declarative Pipeline Syntax

This new syntax will enable everyone involved in DevOps, regardless of coding expertise, to participate in the continuous delivery process by being able to create, edit or review a pipeline. Declarative pipeline doesn’t replace the original Scripted syntax, instead it offers straightforward predefined hierarchy that helps to understand and predict the flow of the pipeline and provides a common foundation across all pipelines. Here is a post on the plugin and reference card.


If you haven’t implemented Pipeline because of the learning curve associated with Groovy, this new syntax has much faster adoption curve , helping you to realize all of the benefits of Pipeline as Code. The end result is that your organization can get new users ramped up faster on Pipeline and give existing Scripted syntax users, a faster, more streamlined option.

Security Fixes

All customers were sent a security fix in February 2017 for Jenkins Core. If you have not installed the fix, we strongly urge you to upgrade to CJP to incorporate the security fix in your production environment.

NEW ‘Community’ tab on CloudBees Network

In case you have not discovered, we are launching our user Community on CloudBees Network. We continue to iterate constantly to provide a better user experience. The Community is your chance to engage with other users to share ideas, promote best practices and answer questions. Please register on Community today and introduce yourself so we can start collaborating!


CloudBees Assurance Program Plugin (CAP) Updates



Declarative Pipeline Syntax

Offers a simple, predefined hierarchy to make the creation of pipelines and the associated Jenkinsfiles easier

Verified Plugins

The ldap, junit and git-client plugins have been upgraded to new verified versions that include fixes and improvements. Please see the Release Notes for details.

Other Compatible Plugins

Besides, upgrades compatible with the CAP Collection has been included for github, github-api, github-branch-source, docker-commons, monitoring, promoted-builds and matrix-project.

CloudBees Jenkins Platform Updates



Backup Jenkins to Amazon S3 Compatible Storage Systems

Jenkins can now be backed up to storage systems that are compatible with Amazon S3 (OpenStack Swift, EMC Atmos…)

JNLP ping protocol to ease troubleshooting

The JNLP protocol used for the communication between Operations Center and Client Masters now supports a ping protocol to help troubleshooting

Timeout for SSO logins

Introduce a timeout for SSO Logins for better robustness



Client Masters can access shared credentials even when Operations Center is down

Credentials shared by Operations Center are now cached by Client Masters so that Client Masters can use those, even to restart, when Operations Center is down

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