Moving the Electric Cloud Support site to the CloudBees Support System - What you need to know

Your new help desk site can be found at From there, just click on the Support link at the top and you will be able to create new support cases just as you have in the past.  You can also view your historical cases which have been migrated over from the Electric Cloud system. Access to other resources such as videos, documentation and knowledge base articles on Flow and Accelerator have also been ported over.

The porting this weekend has resulted in a small subset of tickets where agent comments may not be visible.  We will be working to correct that small subset of tickets in the coming days.

Another gap identified with this port was that CC contacts are currently missing inside tickets.

Rest assured, all information is safely stored and accessible, and we will be working to get this data synchronized for this small subset of tickets affected.

Your user accounts have been moved, but to get started in this system you will need to initialize your account by resetting your password in the CloudBees Single Sign on system. To reset your password just navigate to and follow the instructions provided.

Note: Anyone already having accounts in the CloudBees system won’t need to re-create your passwords.  You should find your login already reflects any past tickets you have from both these systems.

The CloudBees Support landing page has a similar format to what you are used to with Helpcenter, with an expanded list of products that can help you with your Software Delivery needs.  You will be able to use this site to find KB articles, EOL Dates, videos or other tools you have relied on in the past.

You may have other questions about this transition, but hopefully the following FAQ will help to cover your questions.  If not, please feel free to reach out to us using the following product explicit email addresses:


FAQ - Tickets

1)  When was the cut-over date?

  • The cutover date took place on Saturday, September 14th.

2)  What is the URL for the CloudBees Support Site?


3)   Will I lose access to my past tickets?

  • No, your ticket history will be present and should still be showing up when you search for past cases.

4)      Will ticket numbers stay the same?

  • No – when we imported your tickets from Electric Cloud, new numbers were generated
  • All transferred tickets reside inside the 150000 to 175000 ticket number range
  • This numbering change may create some confusion from past ticket reviews, or from more recent tickets being discussed within your teams.  Going forward, please update such references to use the new numbers – as these will be used in discussions going forward.

5)     Can I see the old ticket numbers associated with my tickets?

  • Yes, the ticket ID number from any past ticket can be found by opening up your ticket details inside the CloudBees UI, and looking for the entry recorded inside the “Legacy EC-ID” field

6)     Can I reference an old ticket using the short-cut syntax like #123456?

  • This will only work if the number is for a ticket found inside the CloudBees system. 
  • Old Electric Cloud ticket numbers which fell inside the 100000 to 124000 range will no longer work.  

7)      Will links found in past tickets that reference a different ticket or article URL still work?

  • As mentioned above, past ticket links are not expected to work
  • See the next FAQ section for an entry about original article URLs

8)      I had an account with CloudBees already, will I see ALL my tickets from both companies?

  • Yes, you should be seeing all your tickets for any Electric Cloud or CloudBees generated cases from the past.

9)      What happens to any active tickets I had at the time of the cut-over?

  • Such tickets should remain active in the new system.  Their state should not change.
  • For tickets not waiting on Engineering, we’ll soon be shipping out an update that you can reply from to avoid creating a new ticket.  In case a reply from an old email happens, we’ll recognize this and merge the update into the correct case.
  • Tickets previously passed onto Engineering may be in a state that could take time to see a response, so when that response is ready, you will receive an update at that time.

10)      Can I still submit tickets using

  • You should always consider first logging into the UI to submit tickets, as this can help ensure you collect important details like OS and Version information 
  • This email address will still work into next year (2020), but we recommend that you instead use one of these email addresses to file tickets directly to the CloudBees Support site:
  • For tickets about Flow, Commander and any of it’s components.
  • For tickets about Accelerator, and any of it’s components, including Insight


11)      I’ve seen a few tickets that seem out of order in the new system - how come?

  • Unfortunately, the import operation could not guarantee consistency in the ticket ordering, so it’s possible for some tickets to now be numbered in a sequence that is not consistent with their original arrival times.
  • Despite this inconsistency appearing at times, the majority of tickets will still be in their approximate ordering location within the database as they had been within the Electric Cloud ticket system.

12)      Our organization name seems to have recently changed to add a “-ec” suffix - why?

  • This naming convention was used to help distinguish customers from those already present in the CloudBees database
  • Over time, we expect most of these extensions to be relabelled with something more relevant to help us distinguish different teams within common organizations.

13)      Why are the ticket time submissions in the UI different than before?

  • Previously, our Support system was setup to be based in the PST timezone, and the CloudBees system runs out of the EST timezone.

FAQ – Support Content

1)      What was the cut-over date?

  • Currently the cutover is aiming to take place on Saturday, September 14th.

2)      What is the address of the new CloudBees Support site?

3)      Is information still accessible without having to login?

  • Yes

4)      Will any content be missing that was there before?

  • All relevant articles that were stored with Electric Cloud Support pages have been moved. This includes, KBs, Videos, Announcements, and the FAQ pages.
  • If there is some older page you are looking for and you cannot find it, please let us know by filing a new ticket, along with a description on why the page was important, and we can see about hunting that page down again.

5)      I used to use the footer for quick links to thinks like Blogs, Whitepapers and Plugins – is that still available?

  • No, with the larger volume of products to display, the footer was no longer appropriate.  If you search in the CloudBees website, you should be able to find equivalent pages for any of this content.

6)      Will links to articles still work?

  • Links to articles will get updated in the transfer process
  • Using an old URL tied to the Electric Cloud article will get you to the article in the original Electric Cloud system.  Eventually we hope to have these re-routed to their new URLs in the CloudBees Zendesk
  • Links to articles outside of HelpCenter or the Electric-Cloud website should still work, provided the link remains active

7)      Is anything changing with Documentation access?

  • The link that takes you to will remain the same at this time.
  • It is anticipated at a point later in 2019 that the documentation pages will be updated to provide a new formatting style, consistent in format with how CloudBees provides documentation today.

8)      What about the ask forum?

  • The site has already been rebranded as and all historical articles can be found there.
  • Please continue to use this site to look for implementation suggestions from customers or field agents of CloudBees.

9)      What about Sharefile – any changes happening there?

  • Please use the updatd URL when logging in.
  • At a point in the future, we hope to integrate the login experience so that Sharefile will also be able to use the CloudBees SSO feature of Grand Central mentioned above.  For now, please login using your email account and Sharefile password, in the same manner as you have in the past.
  • We’ll ship a separate announcement when the Sharefile login experience is ready to change.

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