A new way to upload Support files - phasing out Sharefile

Original Creation Date: 2019-12-03 17:36:00 UTC

We wanted to let you know that there is a new way to share files with CloudBees Support. Many of you have been using Sharefile to share large files with Support.. Going forward, we ask that you use the CloudBees Uploads Service when you need to share such files relating to a support case.

This service makes it easy to share these larger files since it is natively integrated with Zendesk. When you login to https://uploads.cloudbees.com, you will be presented with a list of cases. Just choose the case in question and then upload the file. The support engineer will be automatically notified of your file, saving you that step. You can learn more about this service in this article about uploading large files.

Don't worry! If you have any problems with this service, you can fall back to using Sharefile for now if needed. We don't expect any problems, but sometimes corporate network rules must be adjusted for a service like this, so Sharefile will be available until those changes can be made. Also, in the rare case that you need to upload a file larger than 10 GB, you can follow this KB article on how to split these files.


Future of Sharefile

This change in the process for uploading large files is part of a larger effort we are making to phase out the use of Sharefile for CloudBees customers. We will also be changing the way we deliver your licenses. Instead of storing these in Sharefile, they will be attached to your delivery statements, or to the support case if you are requesting a temporary license.  Such deliveries can be referred to at any time to retrieve the license in the future. We're also available to help you retrieve any licenses you may lose track of and aren't able to find in Zendesk - just ask!

Later in 2020, we also plan to make the installers for Flow and Accelerator available via our public website so that Sharefile access is not required to install the product. We also plan to make hotfixes available in a similar manner.

As always, thanks for being a CloudBees customer. If you have any concerns about these changes, please feel free to email support@cloudbees.com or open a support case and we'll be happy to work through any issues. We're here to help!

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