How to send a file that is too large for zendesk?


  • Can’t attach a support bundle to Zendesk because the file is too large


  • CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise
  • CloudBees Jenkins Operations Center


When you need to send a file that is larger than 20 MB to CloudBees Support Engineers, there are three solutions.

Recompress the file

Using an additional compression with a different algorithm like xz can also help you to reduce the size of the archive. For example, on linux/macos after having installed xz with the package manager you are using for your system (aptitude install xz, yum install xz, brew install xz, …) you can use it like this:

xz -z -9 -e

CloudBees Uploads Service

Use this service to send it to us.

Split the file

Another way is to split the archive file into separate smaller files and send them to us. The following command split the file into several files named,, and so on and whose the size does not exceed 20 MB:

split --numeric-suffixes -b 20m ""

If you need to reassemble the split archive and access the files within…

cat* >
unzip -p > mybundle.tar.xz
mkdir mybundle
tar -xf mybundle.tar.xz -C mybundle

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