Cloudbees Build Acceleration™ Platform Support Retirements - 2021


Cloudbees Accelerator v12.1 LTS version will be released later this year.  Under that version and for all future versions of Accelerator, support for the following will be dropped:

64-bit platforms:

  • All RHEL 5.x (Formal EOL March 2017)
  • All RHEL 6.x (Formal EOL November 2020)

Please recognize that all these OS flavors have been tested against the most recent 12.0.x versions, which will remain supported until mid-2022, so you can continue to use Cloudbees Accelerator with these operating systems on a supported platform well into next year.  


32-bit integrations - Linux:

  • Electrify will no longer be able to monitor 32-bit applications


  • All v7.x 
  • All v8.x 
  • Clearcase 9.0.0


Also, while the list of deprecations are no longer officially supported, some of them may continue to work against future versions, but will not be formally tested by CloudBees.  Therefore any issues observed will need to be duplicated against a supported platform for Engineering to explore the issue.



Contact Customer Support with questions related to this release by going to the CloudBees technical support site at  and submitting a support request. Improvement requests can be filed at after using the Feedback button.

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