Support levels and target response times

This document defines the current support levels and response times for all CloudBees subscriptions. Please refer to the specific support policy for each product for a detailed description of the support provided for that product:

  • CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise
  • CloudBees Jenkins Platform
  • CloudBees Jenkins Team
  • CloudBees DevOptics

Support Levels and Target Response Times

  Gold Platinum
CloudBees Jenkins Solutions X X
Hours of coverage Standard business hours Standard business hours (24x7 for Severity 1)1
Support channel Web Web
Number of Cases Unlimited Unlimited
Response times Initial and ongoing response Initial and ongoing response
Severity 1 4 business hours 2 hours
Severity 2 4 business hours 4 business hours
Severity 3 8 business hours 8 business hours
Severity 4 2 business days 2 business days

1 In order to provide you with 24x7 coverage, CloudBees requests that you identify a dedicated point of contact who will be available until the issue is resolved. 

Severity Levels Defined

Severity 1 (Urgent) Proven error of the Product in a production environment. The Product software is unusable, halts, crashes, or is inaccessible, resulting in a critical impact on the operation. No workaround is available.
Severity 2 (High) The Product will operate but due to an Error in a production environment, its operation is severely restricted. No workaround is available.
Severity 3 (Normal) The Product will operate with limitations due to an Error in a production environment that is not critical to the overall operation. For example, a workaround forces a user and/or a systems operator to use a time-consuming procedure to operate the system, or removes a non-essential feature.
Severity 4 (Low) Due to an Error in a production environment, the Product can be used with only slight inconvenience. In addition, all product feature requests fall into this support level.
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