CloudBees CD™ v2020.10 PR is now available


We are pleased to announce the general availability of the CloudBees CD  2020.10 Preview Release (PR).  Please see our announcement about our Release Strategy Update and our plan to accelerate the delivery of new content through Preview Releases. 

In this new release, compliance and security are the focus, with new audit reports and integrations for managing credentials.


Stress free audits with native CI / CD release audit reports

For release management in regulated industries, audits are a regular part of the process.  Teams can spend countless hours preparing data to trace the exact people, process and changes in a given release.  

CloudBees CD pipelines bring all data related to the release together in one place, the pipeline run itself becomes the audit trail for the release.  Now, we are introducing three new native, out of the box, audit reports that collect and present the data in an easy to read format, making the audit process even easier.  The three new reports combine data from CloudBees CI and CloudBees CD, documenting the entire process from code commit to production.  

  • Approvals Report:  Track all manual intervention in the release process, including who approved a gate or task, when it was approved, and approval comments.
  • Time Duration Report: view detailed runtime breakdowns for all of the steps across your CI/CD processes, and identify manual intervention.
  • Evidence Report:  Collect all evidence gathered from automation and third party tools throughout the release pipeline run in one report.

Integrate with external credential management tools 

Advanced security requirements require organizations to standardize on central credential providers for managing all secrets that are used across their processes.  New integrated credential management in CloudBees CD allows users to leverage external credential management tools to maintain credentials throughout their ARO processes in CloudBees CD. 

Existing credentials in CloudBees CD can now reference secrets in external credential providers and be integrated everywhere credentials are used today.  The extensible model introduces support for two credential management systems: CyberArk and HashiCorp Vault.


Simplifying management of CI configurations

In the 2020.09 preview release, a new CloudBees CI Operations Center configuration type was introduced, making the configuration from CloudBees CD to CloudBees CI with many connected controllers simple.   These new configurations can now be used directly in a pipeline task, to easily browse all connected controllers and select the CI job to run. This simplifies the creation and management of CloudBees CI configuration, making it easy to connect CI and CD processes.

Additional improvements

  • A new, easy to use, UI for defining and managing schedules in CloudBees CD
  • Improvements to the EC-Helm, EC-BigIP, EC-Docker and EC-SendMail plugins

Download instructions

Download Cloudbees CD 2020.10.00 PR from the CloudBees Sharefile site.

Supported Configurations

See the “System Requirements and Supported Platforms” section in the CloudBees CD Installation Guide for a complete list of supported platforms and configurations.


Upgrades to CloudBees CD 2020.10 PR are not supported.  Please install the release in a test environment to try these new capabilities and provide your feedback.  For complete install instructions, please see the install section of the documentation for traditional installations, or for Kubernetes installations.


Contact Customer Support with questions related to this release by going to the CloudBees technical support site at  submitting a support request. Improvement requests can be filed at after using the Feedback button.


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