Introducing the new CloudBees' Product Portal

Starting on Tuesday January 28th, CloudBees will begin leveraging new technology and process for engaging customer feedback about our products. This change will be mutually beneficial for influencing CloudBees product pipeline and for transparency around the feedback from all customers. 

Feedback through this system will be evaluated by product management continuously, and impact decisions on overall product direction quarterly. 

What’s new:

There will now be four ways you can directly interact with the new system, all of which are accessible through your account: 

  • Open new requests and review the status of your requests
  • View requests opened by other customers
  • Comment or vote on requests from other customers 
  • Prioritize the requests you’ve created or voted on

This means you can submit your own ideas and also build upon the ideas of others. Interaction between you and others around existing requests provides a valuable forum for collaboration or peer review that was not available before. This opens opportunities for increasing the depth and comprehensiveness of feature requests. 

Your product requests will be publicly visible to other CloudBees customers using the system so that you can vote and comment on each others requests, but your name, identity, and organization will be visible only to CloudBees. 


Pre-Existing Requests:

Almost all customers have at least one feedback request for their organization existing under the old feedback system. Immediately, there is no action required on your part related to prior requests. Starting in February, we will proceed down two paths for existing requests:

  • Migrating the Request: 

You will receive notification through the system when a migration happens. The request will then be visible in the new system. This will happen in multiple batches, not all at once. 

  • Closing the Request: 

While most RFE tickets for Flow are already closed by process, some recent RFE tickets with Support may still be active, so you may also receive notification about the status of your request changing through your support ticket.

Closing the original request does not mean that you should consider the content of your request declined. If there are requests still important to you that you are not seeing in the new system, we encourage you to create a request using the new feedback system covering the content of your old request so that it can be voted on by others.


Where to learn more and to access the system:

Our product feedback policy is accessible here. It will guide you on how to access and use the new system. We have included the following resources:

  • Summary of our approach and philosophy for feedback
  • Instructions on how to use our site’s feedback interface 
  • Overview of the CloudBees process for handling requests 
  • The stages through which a request may progress
  • FAQ


Who to contact for questions: If you have any questions about the new product feedback system, you can direct them to myself and the CloudBees product team via



Ben Williams

VP Product, CloudBees

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