CloudBees Accelerator® 2019.10 is now available

Original Creation Date: 2019-10-31 13:38:00 UTC


We are pleased to announce the general availability of our third Preview Release (PR): CloudBees Accelerator 2019.10.00. Please see our earlier announcement about our Accelerator Release Strategy update and our plan to accelerate the delivery of new content through Preview Releases.


Cloudbees Accelerator v2019.10 PR introduces new capabilities that shrink development cycles and enable software engineering teams to improve software quality while releasing more frequently. The v2019.09 PR release introduces improved support for cloud bursting using AWS EC2 Spot Instances to reduce the infrastructure costs by as much as 80% when using Accelerator on AWS. In addition, installer usability improvements are introduced to improve the self-service experience with Accelerator. 


Cloud Bursting on AWS with Spot Instances

This release introduces support for cloud bursting on AWS using Spot Instances. Spot Instances let you use spare Amazon EC2 computing capacity at a steep discount versus on-demand pricing. Customers can lower their AWS costs significantly by requesting unused Spot Instances for their Accelerator agent resources. If Spot Instances are not available, Accelerator will fall back to allocating demand instances with the same resource configuration. 


Installer Improvements 

Installer improvements for automatically installing missing library prerequisites are introduced to simplify self service and adoption of Accelerator by developer teams. 


Java update for ClusterManager

The Java version on the Cluster Manager for Linux has been upgraded from 1.8.0_131 to OpenJDK 1.8.0_222.


Download instructions

Download Cloudbees Accelerator 2019.10 from the CloudBees Sharefile site:

Installers are located in the directory corresponding to the operating system (for example, windows). Release notes and product documentation are available online at CloudBees Accelerator Documentation.


Supported configurations

See the “Supported Platforms and System Requirements” chapter in the CloudBees Accelerator Installation and Configuration Guide for a complete list of supported platforms and configurations.



CloudBees recommends that customers moving to the Preview Release upgrade all of their Accelerator components to version 2019.10.00. This includes the Cluster Manager, cluster nodes (agent machines), and all local eMake build machines..See the “Upgrading Accelerator” chapter in the CloudBees Accelerator Preview Version Installation and Configuration Guide for complete upgrade instructions.

Customers using perpetual licenses can request for a license to try out the Preview Version.



Contact Customer Support with questions related to this release at

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