ElectricAccelerator 4.5.1 Now Available

Original Creation Date: 2019-09-14 22:55:21 UTC

Electric Cloud is pleased to announce the immediate availability of ElectricAccelerator release 4.5.1. Please refer to the release notes for a full listing of all improvements in this service release.


For customers who have not yet upgraded to the 4.5 series ElectricAccelerator, 4.5 offers:


- Support for the following platforms:

  - Microsoft Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008

  - Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5


- Improved GNU Make 3.81 support. eMake now supports the following:

  - conditional “else” functionality

  - using the “export” keyword on target-specific variables

  - in a recursive $(call ...) context, any extra arguments from the outer call are masked

    in the context of the inner call

  - line continuation in commands

  - all pattern-specific variables that match a given target are used


- Support for Oracle and Microsoft SQL databases



The product and your license keys may be downloaded from your account on our FTP server:


    ftp:    ftp.electric-cloud.com


Please direct any questions or issues with your software to support@electric-cloud.com.


Best Regards,


Scott Castle | Product Manager | Electric Cloud

(408) 419-4324 | scastle@electric-cloud.com


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