Electric Cloud announces ElectricInsight 3.2

Original Creation Date: 2009-10-30 23:58:22 UTC

Electric Cloud is pleased to announce the immediate availability of ElectricInsight release 3.2. It includes numerous fixes and performance enhancements, as well as the following new features:


- New reports:

   - Build manifest - lists all files that were read and/or written by the build

   - Jobs by agent - lists the number of jobs run by each agent in the build

   - Jobs by file - lists which jobs read or wrote a particular file


- Longest serial chain report now enables you to display the longest serial chain leading to a specific job


- Job time by type report now displays a 'heat-map' of build time grouped by task category


- ElectricSimulator report now identifies the minimum possible build time for the build, which is equal to the time of the build’s longest serial job chain


- A completed build can now be replayed. The replay toolbar controls include play, fast forward, pause, and stop


- ElectricInsight is now able to monitor a running emake build, allowing you to view its progress and how it is distributed (This feature requires ElectricAccelerator 4.5.1 or later)


- The Job Details dialog now includes a Serial Order field


- The main interface now has a 'reload' button to re-open the current annotation file


- Changed how unusual job status is displayed. Now, if a job has an unusual status (conflict, reverted, or remake), that color is used only for the lower portion of the job. The upper portion retains the color of the job type


- The main navigation screen’s left pane (which contains the Overview, Legend, and Job Summary) is now collapsible



Note that with ElectricInsight 3.2, the Solaris platform is no longer supported.


Please refer to the release notes for full details on this release.




The product and your license keys may be downloaded from your account on our FTP server:


    ftp: ftp.electric-cloud.com


Please direct any questions or issues with your software to support@electric-cloud.com.


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