Electric Cloud announces ElectricAccelerator® Visual Studio IDE Add-in 3.0

Original Creation Date: 2010-05-03 15:55:09 UTC

Electric Cloud is pleased to announce the immediate availability of the ElectricAccelerator® Visual Studio IDE Add-in release 3.0.


Please refer to the tech notes in the release directory for a full listing of all improvements in this new release.

New for the 3.0 release:

- Visual Studio 2010 support - The add-in now supports Visual Studio 2010. The Visual Studio 2010 add-in also supports metadata and F# projects.

- 64-bit eMake - The add-in now supports 64-bit eMake.

- MSBuild - The add-in now uses MSBuild internally for projects that it cannot parse. You may continue to use devenv internally by setting ECADDIN_USE_MSBUILD=false.

- Global option inheritance - The add-in now inherits its global options (Tools > Options) from the environment settings unless you explicitly set the options. Local options (Electric Cloud > Settings) inherit from global options in the same manner.

- Added support for monitoring live builds through ElectricInsightR

- Added support for Visual Studio-style macros


The product and your license keys may be downloaded from your account on our FTP server:

ftp:   ftp.electric-cloud.com

http: http://ftp.electric-cloud.com/ftp

dir: accel-5.0.0/VSP-3.0.0/*


Please direct any questions or issues with your software to support@electric-cloud.com.




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