Electric Cloud is pleased to announce the release of ElectricCommander® v3.10

Original Creation Date: 2011-06-07 21:17:29 UTC


This release includes promotion of resource pools to a top-level object, enhancements to event logging, new API commands, and updated properties. Electric Cloud recommends all customers upgrade both their Commander Server and Agents to version 3.10. Release highlights are included below. See the Release Notes for a summary of product improvements and known issues.


Release Highlights

ElectricCommander 3.10 new features include:


  • Resource Pools – This feature allows you to manage resource pools by providing more flexible definition through custom resource ordering and dynamic resource membership, and additionally makes resource pools searchable.


  • Resource Exclusivity – This enhanced ability enables more efficient and exact resource use by allowing a resource to be exclusive to a specific subprocedure in a job (or step), or exclusive to the entire job.


  • Event Logging – A new web page was added to display event logs generated anywhere in the system, including jobs, workflows, resources, and workspaces. Log space usage can now be managed by setting a configurable number of days.


  • API Commands – New API commands now allow you to programmatically send email with attachments, change object ownerships, manage the newly enhanced resource pools, and delete unwanted objects.


  • Properties - New properties were added to support the new logEntry, resourcePool, and resourceUsage objects.


Download Instructions
Download ElectricCommander 3.10 and its documentation from the Electric Cloud FTP site.


  1. Log in to the Electric Cloud FTP site at http://ftp.electric-cloud.com/ftp or ftp://ftp.electric-cloud.com
  2. Navigate to the cmdr-3.10 directory
  3. Documentation is located in the docs directory
  4. Server and agent installers are located in the directory corresponding to the operating system (for example, windows)
  5. IDE plug-in installers are located in the integrations directory


Supported Configurations

See the “System Requirements and Supported Platforms” section in the ElectricCommander Installation Guide for a complete list of supported platforms and configurations.




Supported Upgrade Paths

Commander 3.10 supports upgrades from version 3.2.x and higher.  See the “Upgrading ElectricCommander” chapter in the ElectricCommander Installation Guide for complete upgrade instructions. If you plan to upgrade from a version prior to 3.2.x, contact Customer Support for assistance.



Contact Customer Support with questions related to this release at support@electric-cloud.com



Contact Dan Gordon, Product Manager, with feedback on this or any ElectricCommander release at 408-419-4393 or dgordon@electric-cloud.com.


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