Electric Cloud is pleased to announce the release of ElectricInsight® v4.0

Original Creation Date: 2013-10-11 17:13:54 UTC


This v4.0 release of ElectricInsight contains a number of new features that add capabilities and improve usability for existing and new users of ElectricInsight.


New features and functionality:

  • Hyperlog - presenting an augmented version of the familiar build output log, leveraging the extra information provided by Electric Make to enable highlighting errors and warnings, folding of submake output, and line numbering. Double-clicking any line of log output displays the corresponding job's details dialog.
  • Command-Line Reporting - with command-line reporting capability, the product can now be easily integrated to generate batch trend reports as part of a build automation system.
    • You can now run these reports from the command-line:
      • ElectricSimulator
      • Job Stats
      • Job Time by Type
      • Longest Jobs
      • Longest Serial Chain
      • Most Read Files
    • The following command-line only reports are new:
      • Build Metrics - extracts the content of the element in the annotation
      • Build Summary - prints the information from the left-side of the main Insight display
      • Export Timeline - generates a thumbnail image of the main Insight Jobs & Agents display
  • Combined the Job Count by Length and Job Time by Length reports into a report named Job Stats.
  • Redesigned the reports API for creating custom reports.

Electric Cloud recommends all customers upgrade their ElectricInsight installation to v4.0. See the Release Notes for a summary of all product improvements and known issues.


Download Instructions for Sharefile
Download ElectricInsight 4,0 from the Electric Cloud Sharefile site.

  1. Login using your personalized account to the Electric Cloud Sharefile at https://electric-cloud.sharefile.com
  2. Navigate to the /products/insight/release_4.0/ directory
  3. Platform and architecture-specific installers are in the windows, and linux directories.


Documentation is available on Zendesk Accelerator Documentation.



Supported Configurations

ElectricInsight is supported on Windows and Linux.



Contact Customer Support with questions related to this release at support@electric-cloud.com



Contact David Rosén, Product Manager, with feedback on this or any ElectricInsight release at +1-408-419-4313 or drosen@electric-cloud.com.


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