ElectricCommander Training - March 2015

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Upcoming ElectricCommander Training - March 2015

Are you looking to improve your ElectricCommander skills? We are pleased to announce our upcoming training for all skill levels where you will learn the following core skills:

  • Platform and Language Independent: There's no need to learn a new tool or language just to achieve process automation.

  • Personalization: Organize your dashboard to focus on the projects and procedures you use most frequently.

  • Artifact Management: Provide a secure, auditable, structured, storage & retrieval system for all software development lifecycle project output, and for consumn by other parts of that development lifecycle.

You will get facts about ElectricCommander, share best practices, and learn tricks/tips from experienced users and Electric Cloud employees to help you perfect your skills.

ElectricCommander for Beginners - March 24th
ElectricCommander Advanced - March 25th & 26th

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Space is limited, so make sure you register soon!

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