Some Changes to the Electric Cloud Support Process

Original Creation Date: 2015-12-29 01:05:16 UTC

In an effort to improve your overall experience, we have been making a few changes at Electric Cloud Support that we wanted you to be aware of:


  1. We will be implementing the following ticketing process changes to improve responsiveness and accurately measure ticket flow within our support system:
  • You may have recently seen the addition of two new mandatory fields for “Problem Type” and “Problem Scope” in your ticket submission screens.  When you submit your ticket from within the support system, these selection fields will allow you to represent the impact the issue is having on your environment.  This will allow the support team to better determine the relative importance of cases being submitted with HIGH or NORMAL priority.  A more detailed description of the business impact may still be vetted with you and the support agent in the course of the ticket progress, but we expect these new fields will help ensure customers receive the appropriate level of responsiveness based on the situation.
  • The process by which support tickets can get closed is changing as follows:
  1. If a ticket is a request for enhancement (RFE), we will close out the ticket in Zendesk once details have been fully collected and accepted by the Product Management team into the product backlog.  You will still be informed when such suggestions are available in the product.
  2. We will close a product defect ticket where a manageable workaround has been provided, which the customer has confirmed to be working.  Again, we will still notify you when the defect has been addressed within the product.
  • These changes will make our support approach consistent with how most software support organizations manage documented situations where the path forward is understood.  So those of you with historical tickets in the system that fall under these categories can expect to see those tickets being marked solved in the coming weeks as our team reviews your older tickets. Again, rest assured that even though the support ticket may be closed, the RFE or defect remains in the engineering backlog for future consideration.  When the changes are implemented in the product, we will be sending out an update mailing to alert customers to the fact that something they had identified or asked for has been delivered.  So that great level of feedback you have grown accustomed to receiving from our team won’t be lost by this change.
  1. You may also have noticed changes we recently applied to our Support Help Center.  We’ve updated this site pull together videos, knowledge base, Q&A forum and product documentation into one location to help you find answers quickly.  We have been producing videos on various topics over the past couple of years, and you will see more videos available through this page in the future.  While your old links to: will still work, you can also reach the Help Center via the re-branded URL of:   If you haven’t seen these changes yet, please check them out.  If you aren’t sure where to find information you used to be able to find, please just submit a support ticket to ask for assistance, and we’ll be glad to provide you with pointers to help you out.
  1. In conjunction with the recent rebranding of the ElectricCommander product to ElectricFlow, you’ll be seeing that KB articles and videos will also be getting refreshed to reflect this rebranding.   There are many articles/videos to review, so this is a task which we will undertake gradually over the coming months.


As always, the Electric Cloud Support team appreciates your feedback and continued patronage. 

Please feel free to submit a ticket to let us know if you have any questions, concerns, or require clarification on any of these changes.


Best Regards,


Neil Lillemark | Technical Support Director | Electric Cloud

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