Accelerator and the recent acquisition by CloudBees

Original Creation Date: 2019-06-14 16:20:29 UTC

As you may have heard, Electric Cloud recently experienced exciting news as we were acquired by CloudBees, Inc.  As our teams work together to help formulate an expanded set of solutions for the Software Development market, there will be some effect on how you communicate with the Accelerator team going forward.  These effects are anticipated to roll out at various times through the year ahead, depending on the underlying complexities involved.  Some changes which may affect the look and feel on how you work with our teams include:  Re-branding of our products, merging of internal tooling systems like: Zendesk, Sharefile, web pages, documentation etc.

We’ll be doing our best to plan for these changes in advance, but it’s still possible that some changes may have impacts in unforeseen ways, so please let us know if anything about these changes end up having an unexpected effect on your team.

One of the first changes you will be seeing is that the up-coming release (v11.1) of the Accelerator product is anticipated to be shipped under the name: “CloudBees Accelerator”.  The goals for this first round are primarily cosmetic changes which do not affect usability of the products, although subsequent changes may come inside future releases.  One area that is changing in v11.1 is how license files are handled.  This change requires that ALL COMPONENTS (Emake, CM, Agents) be upgraded to consistently use v11.1 (or to the first version you take after v11.0).  So when you are ready to move to this version, please recognize that this is a one-time requirement which may be different from how you have handled upgrades in the past, and thus may need a little more time to complete.  Further details will be provided at the time of release, and based on those details, if you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to reach back to the support team.

For the time being the support contact points remains as  When this contact point is ready to be updated to reflect our merger with the CloudBees support system (Also on Zendesk) sometime in the months ahead, we will ship a separate announcement at that time.


Best Regards,

Neil Lillemark | Director, Support Delivery | CloudBees

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