CloudBees Accelerator® 11.1 is now available

Original Creation Date: 2019-07-02 16:46:00 UTC


ElectricAccelerator is now CloudBees Accelerator! CloudBees recently acquired Electric Cloud, and as part of CloudBees, we are continuing to innovate and bring exciting new features and capabilities to the product under a new brand. See more about the acquisition here.

We are pleased to announce the general availability of CloudBees Accelerator 11.1. 

Cloudbees Accelerator 11.1 introduces several new capabilities that dramatically shrink development cycles and enable software engineering teams to improve software quality while releasing more frequently. The 11.1 release introduces plug-and-play support for Android Q as well as improvements for accelerating embedded Linux builds based on Yocto project, buildroot, and Android platforms. This release also introduces cloud bursting for both Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Azure environments, enabling customers to optimize infrastructure utilization and costs without compromising performance.


Support for accelerating the latest version of Android—Android Q

This release improves out-of-box support for Android by adding support for the latest Android version (v10.0). It also improves drop-in support for embedded Linux builds based on the Yocto Project, accelerating embedded Linux builds through both distribution and caching.


Built-in cloud bursting capabilities for GCP and Azure

Out-of-the box support for cloud bursting is now enhanced to include support for both GCP and Azure environments. Resources can be extended to allow “cloud bursting” functionality to spin up agents dynamically in any of the major public cloud environments including AWS, GCP, or Azure when demand exceeds the capacity of statically configured agents.


TLS-enabled eMake-to-agent secure communications

This release introduces support for TLS to secure communication between the eMake and agent components to make Accelerator public-cloud ready. 


Improved out-of-the-box integrations with MSBuild using Electrify

The CloudBees Accelerator Visual Studio Extension user interface is simplified and completely revamped. The extension introduces support for accelerating MSBuild projects through distribution and caching. We encourage all users of Visual Studio especially those using MSBuild to move towards this approach for accelerating their Windows builds. 


Additional platform support

Cloudbees Accelerator now supports the following platforms:

  • SLES 15 (64-bit)
  • SLES 12 SP4 (64-bit)


Download instructions

Download Cloudbees Accelerator 11.1 from the CloudBees Sharefile site:

Installers are located in the directory corresponding to the operating system (for example, windows). Release notes and product documentation are available online at CloudBees Accelerator Documentation.

Supported configurations

See the “Supported Platforms and System Requirements” chapter in the CloudBees Accelerator 11.1 Installation and Configuration Guide for a complete list of supported platforms and configurations.



CloudBees recommends that all customers upgrade their Accelerator components to version 11.1. This includes the Cluster Manager, cluster nodes (agent machines), and all local eMake build machines. See the “Upgrading Accelerator” chapter in the CloudBees Accelerator 11.1 Installation and Configuration Guide for complete upgrade instructions.



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