ElectricAccelerator® Visual Studio IDE Add-in v4.0 now available from Electric Cloud

Original Creation Date: 2013-09-03 19:46:09 UTC


See the "Visual Studio Integration Guide v4.0" for a summary of product improvements and known issues.

Release Highlights

This release of the ElectricAccelerator Visual Studio integration contains a number of new features that improve usability and performance for any ElectricAccelerator deployment in a Visual Studio environment.

  • Visual Studio IDE Integration
    • Major modernization of the ElectricAccelerator Visual Studio IDE integration, significantly enhancing configuration and usage for any developer looking to accelerate their Visual Studion based builds.
  • Toolchain Virtualization
    • The Toolchain Virtualization feature allows ElectricAccelerator to virtualize and distribute the Visual Studio toolchain from the build client, hence eliminating the need for agent-side configuration of the Visual Studio environment and dramatically simplifying initial setup of an ElectricAccelerator deployment in a Visual Studio environment.
  • Improved default settings for enhanced performance out-of the box.

This version of the the ElectricAccelerator Visual Studio Integration requires ElectricAccelerator v7.0.2 or later.


Download Instructions for Sharefile
Download the Add-in from the Electric Cloud Sharefile site.

  1. Login using your personalized account to the Electric Cloud Sharefile at https://electric-cloud.sharefile.com
  2. Navigate to the /products/accelerator/VS Plugin/vsplugin_4.0/ directory

Download Instructions from FTP
Downloadthe Add-in from the Electric Cloud FTP site.

  1. Log in to the Electric Cloud FTP site at http://ftp.electric-cloud.com/ftp or ftp://ftp.electric-cloud.com
  2. Navigate to the accel-7.0.2/vsplugin_4.0 directory

Documentation is available on Zendesk Accelerator Documentation.



Contact Customer Support with questions related to this release at support@electric-cloud.com


Contact David Rosén, Product Manager, with feedback on this or any ElectricAccelerator release at +1-408-419-4313 or drosen@electric-cloud.com.


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