Electric Cloud is pleased to announce the release of ElectricInsight® v5.5

Original Creation Date: 2019-03-06 00:47:33 UTC


The ElectricInsight 5.5 release extends the analytical and reporting capabilities of ElectricInsight to Bitbake based builds. Existing reports have been enhanced to provide better information for Bitbake builds.

New Features and Functionality:

ElectricInsight now recognizes and classifies jobs executed by ElectricAccelerator into Bitbake task types. The annotation files created by running ElectricAccelerator on each bitbake package can be combined using the newly introduced bb2anno utility available with ElectricAccelerator. The combined pseudo-annofile can then be visualized in ElectricInsight with Bitbake dependency information enabling analytics and reporting on the aggregate information.

Electric Cloud recommends all customers upgrade their ElectricInsight installations to v5.5. See the ElectricInsight 5.5 Release Notes on the Accelerator Documentation page for a summary of all product improvements and known issues.


Download Instructions

Download ElectricInsight 5.5 from the Electric Cloud ShareFile site:

  • Login using your personalized account to https://electric-cloud.sharefile.com.
  • Navigate to the /products/insight/release_5.5/ directory or click here
  • Platform- and architecture-specific installers are in the windows and linux subdirectories.

ElectricInsight documentation is available on the Accelerator Documentation page.

Supported Configurations

ElectricInsight is supported on Windows and Linux platforms.


Contact Customer Support with questions related to this release at support@electric-cloud.com.

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