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Creating node with the REST API



  • Owen.liu Please Update

    Is there a way to delete a slave via remote API?

  • Marco Valente

    This did not work for me in the scenario of passing a file. Please note that to pass a file as a parameter I had to not specify the content-type and pass

    -F json=@/etc/jenkins/jnlp-init.json

    For example

  • Anoop Vijayan

    Aug. 28,2019:

    This just does not work. I have spent couple of hours on this and get a NullPointerException. I am giving up here :(

    Sept. 23,2020:

    Sorry I was using the url without quotes. The exception details could have been better. Nevertheless, it works now !

  • Joe Franklin

    This guy has scripted it and it works well for me:



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