Windows 2012 agent service does not start due to a DCOM issue


When configuring Jenkins Agents as a service in a Windows 2012 machine, using the option Let Jenkins control this Windows agent as a Windows service the service does not come up and we can see a stack trace like the one shown below:

ERROR: Unexpected error in launching an agent. This is probably a bug in Jenkins
org.jinterop.dcom.common.JIException: Service Logon Failure
    at org.jvnet.hudson.wmi.Win32Service$Implementation.start(


jcifs.util.transport.TransportException, Connection reset



As explained in the WMI Windows Agents plugin troubleshooting page, this means that the server is requiring the usage of an unsupported protocol SMB 2. You will need to take additional steps described below to enable the supported protocol SMB 1.

Once that you enable the SMB 1 protocol, you will need to update the permissions for the registry keys mentioned in the link above. Finally, the agent should be able to start normally.

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