Recycling CJE 1 Anywhere servers


  • I have configured a CJE 1 Anywhere cluster and I want to use one of the servers for another CJE 1 Anywhere cluster.
  • I have configured a CJE 1 Anywhere cluster. I have destroyed the cluster and I want to recreate it again.
  • I want to change the type of worker/controller of one of my nodes.
  • Applications no longer properly provision on a worker and all other troublshooting steps have been unsuccessful.



When you are creating a cluster with CJE 1, the nodes are automatically created by CJE. In this context all the nodes are VMs that can be destroyed and created from scratch.

In CJE 1 Anywhere if you have a physical server or you don’t want to remove the VM and recreate it you’ll need to follow these steps in order to reuse a node:

  • Perform a backup if you want to reuse the data of the docker images, containers and volumes.
  • Remove the docker images, containers and volumes from your server.

    # Delete all containers
    docker rm $(docker ps -a -q)
    # Delete all images
    docker rmi $(docker images -q)
  • Stop all the services:
    • If on a controller:

      sudo service zookeeper stop
      sudo service mesos-master stop
      sudo service marathon stop
      sudo service docker stop
    • If on a worker:

      sudo service mesos-slave stop
      sudo service docker stop
  • Delete the all the files with the pattern:

  • Delete these folders and all the files inside:


Reuse worker with same configuration

If your worker was having issues provisioning applications, or has some other issue that other troubleshooting steps have not fixed, you can re-initialize it with the same configuration. After following the above steps to clean the worker, follow the steps below to re-initialize the worker.

  • Restart all services on worker

    sudo service mesos-slave start
    sudo service docker start
  • Re-initialize the worker dna init worker-<number>

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