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How to disable CJOC authorization in CJE?



  • Permanently deleted user

    How do you find the TENANT_ID ?


  • Baptiste Mathus

    Not sure what you want, but in case your goal is to log into a given tenant, you can use the following

    cje run ssh-into-tenant cjoc

    For cjoc, it will always be named as such. For other tenants, you can list all applications using

    $ cje run list-applications
    elasticsearch.jce : worker-23
    cjoc.jce : worker-23
    castle.jce : worker-23
    palace.jce : worker-23
    e-commerce.teams.masters : worker-23
    digital-marketing.teams.masters : worker-23
    ux-team.teams.masters : worker-23
    supply-chain.teams.masters : worker-23

    And then take the part before the last dot as the tenant name. For instance above it would be e-commerce.teams, etc.


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