CJE fails to create S3 bucket storage


I have configured a AWS flavor CJE Cluster, when I execute “cje apply” I see this error:

[security-groups] storage_security_group = sg-0fcd3376
[security-groups] worker_security_group = sg-15cd336c
[storage-bucket] aws_s3_bucket.pse-storage-bucket: Creating...
[storage-bucket] acceleration_status:        "" => "<computed>"
[storage-bucket] acl:                        "" => "private"
[storage-bucket] arn:                        "" => "<computed>"
[storage-bucket] bucket:                     "" => "PSESharedSlavesTest-92d4ca"
[storage-bucket] force_destroy:              "" => "true"
[storage-bucket] hosted_zone_id:             "" => "<computed>"
[storage-bucket] region:                     "" => "<computed>"
[storage-bucket] tags.%:                     "" => "2"
[storage-bucket] tags.Name:                  "" => "PSESharedSlavesTest-92d4ca"
[storage-bucket] tags.cloudbees:pse:cluster: "" => "PSESharedSlavesTest"
[storage-bucket] website_domain:             "" => "<computed>"
[storage-bucket] website_endpoint:           "" => "<computed>"
[storage-bucket] Error applying plan:
[storage-bucket] 1 error(s) occurred:
[storage-bucket] * aws_s3_bucket.pse-storage-bucket: Error creating S3 bucket: InvalidBucketName: The specified bucket is not valid.
[storage-bucket] status code: 400, request id: EBD1EA3D7F5740A1
[storage-bucket] Terraform does not automatically rollback in the face of errors.
[storage-bucket] Instead, your Terraform state file has been partially updated with
[storage-bucket] any resources that successfully completed. Please address the error
[storage-bucket] above and apply again to incrementally change your infrastructure.
[storage-bucket] Error running terraform apply -no-color in /Users/inifc/cloudbees/support/cases/39300/sharedSlavesTest/.dna/.terraform/storage-bucket
An error occurred during storage-bucket initialization (1) - see /Users/inifc/cloudbees/support/cases/39300/sharedSlavesTest/.dna/logs/last/storage-bucket



You have to use lowercase for the name of the cluster, not all AWS regions allow to use uppercase in the name of the S3 Bucket.

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