Can not create S3 Bucket after change AWS region


We changed our cluster from region and we try to recreate it again and it shows this error:

[elasticsearch-snapshots] 1 error(s) occurred:
[elasticsearch-snapshots] * aws_s3_bucket.elasticsearch-snapshots: Error creating S3 bucket: AuthorizationHeaderMalformed: The authorization header is malformed; the region 'us-east-1' is wrong; expecting 'us-west-2'
[elasticsearch-snapshots] status code: 400, request id: 320A07AAD3665997


  • CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise (CJE)
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)


The error switching regions is caused because the S3 buckets have to be unique, if you haven’t destroyed the previous one AWS will throw errors. Once the S3 bucket is deleted, it may take some time for the other region to ‘see’ that it has been deleted.

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