Unable to connect Linux Shared Agent using JNLP


  • Linux Shared Agent using JNLP connection problem
  • We installed and connected a Shared Agent using JNLP to the OPC. All good, it shows it connected. Then started a job on the controller. The OPC shows the Linux Shared Agent is in use. But the controller cannot connect to it as it says it’s offline.



Just restarting the controller using https://cje.labs.example.com/master/restart is not enough because it doesn’t pick up the configuration change done in CJOC.

Upgrading to the following removes the need to update the pattern to include the trailing slash, but will still require the restart from the controller;

  • CloudBees CJE controller Provisioning Core >= 1.0.17
  • CloudBees CJE controller Provisioning Mesos >= 1.0.17

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