I changed the security realm and since then cje operations are failing


  • I changed the security realm and since then cje operations are failing.



cje needs access to an administrative user in CJOC in order to do its work. If you changed the security realm, it won’t be able to log in using the previous Admin user. This situation can be fixed by using the API token for a user with Administrative access.

You will then need to edit the file .dna/secrets under your CJE workspace in order to update the credentials to access CJOC. The keys to edit are named cjoc_username and cjoc_password. The cjoc_username field is the username of your Jenkins Admin user and you will need to make sure that the cjoc_password field is filled in with that users API token mentioned in the link above.

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    Aleksejs Mihailovs

    Hello Cloudbees,

    This documentation is missing the first step where we need to launch a "cje prepare credentials-update" command and apply it. Otherwise, I'm not able to apply the new credentials.

    Here is what I get:
    >>> Edit credentials-update.secrets and set cjoc_username and cjoc_password to valid credentials then try again to apply. <<<




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    Félix Belzunce Arcos

    Aleksejs Mihailovs - that method is only valid for AWS, but not for Anywhere installations.

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