How to execute some scripts at worker/controller bootstrapping


  • We would like to know how to implement user-data to be used for worker/controller bootstrapping.
  • We would like to execute some scripts at worker/controller bootstrapping.



If your CJE is not initialised

the cluster-init operation is performed the file CJE_INSTALLATION/share/setup-templates/core/scripts/cloud-config.yaml is copied to your project to init your cluster, so you will have to edit the ./share/setup-templates/core/scripts/cloud-config.yaml with your modifications before execute the cluster-init operation, then run the cluster-init, after that you could manage other modifications that you want to make on it on .dna/scripts/cloud-config.yaml. That file is the template used to create all project and could change with the version of CJE.

If Your CJE is already initialised

You have a file inside the project folder .dna/scripts/cloud-config.yaml, you can edit it to add new commands to your workers/controllers bootstrapping.

How to add command to cloud-config.yaml file

you could add some commands to the runcmd section.

# vim: syntax=yaml
# This is the configuration syntax that the write_files module
# will know how to understand. encoding can be given b64 or gzip or (gz+b64).
# The content will be decoded accordingly and then written to the path that is
# provided.
# Note: Content strings here are truncated for example purposes.
# write_files:
# -   content: curl
#     owner: root:root
#     path: /etc/jce/availability-zone

# run commands
# default: none
# runcmd contains a list of either lists or a string
# each item will be executed in order at rc.local like level with
# output to the console
# - runcmd only runs during the first boot
# - if the item is a list, the items will be properly executed as if
#   passed to execve(3) (with the first arg as the command).
# - if the item is a string, it will be simply written to the file and
#   will be interpreted by 'sh'
# Note, that the list has to be proper yaml, so you have to quote
# any characters yaml would eat (':' can be problematic)
 - curl -sSf --create-dirs -o /etc/jce/availability-zone
 - chmod 755 /etc/jce
 - arguments
-   path: /etc/sudoers.d/999-cloud-init-requiretty
    permissions: 440
    content: |
        Defaults:root !requiretty
        Defaults:centos !requiretty

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