Extract a Heap/Thread Dump of a tenant on PSE


  • In order to diagnose a Managed Master/CJOC I need to extract a Heap/Thread dump of JVM.



You could enter on the tenant, in this case on the cjoc

[user:~/cje-project] $ cje run ssh-into-tenant cjoc

see the PID of the Jenkins process

jenkins@ip-192-168-1-3:/$ jps          
   6 jenkins.war
   3467 Jps

and then you can extract the heap and thread dump by using the PID 6

output a thread dump to Jenkins log file, also to worker in stdout log file

jenkins@ip-192-168-1-3:/$ kill -3 6  

output a thread dump to terminal stdout

jenkins@ip-192-168-1-3:/$ jstack 6

generate a Heap dump file named heap.bin

jenkins@ip-192-168-1-3:/tmp$ jmap -dump:format=b,file=heap.bin 6

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