Why my EC2 Cloud is not launching agents


I have installed the EC2 plugin, and I have all the parameters correctly set, but my cloud is not launching agents. I can not launch the instance through the plugin, but I can do it manually using AWS console.

In the logs, I can see the following message

No existing instance found - but cannot create new instance



Due to the way that the plugin performs the calculations to determine if a new instance has to be launched, calculating the minimum between the available total Agents and the available agents for that AMI, it is possible that your instance will not be launched.

One of the factors that is taken into consideration for the calculations is the number of running AMIs using a given template. If you are using the same template on different Agent Clouds, it is more likely that you get into this kind of errors.

The best way to workaround this issue is to increase the Agent Cloud Capacity. This will generally solve the problem.

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