How to manually obtain logs of a tenant


It is not possible to create a CJE support bundle and we need to review the logs from a tenant.



First of all we have to know where the tenant is running, to know that we have to run this command cje run find-worker-for TENANT_NAME where TENANT_NAME is the name of the tenant (cjoc, castle, palace, elacticsearch, name of the controller), then we can access to the worker and compress the log files into a tar.xz file.

dna connect worker-1
sudo tar -chJf /tmp/logfiles.tar.xz $(find  /var/lib/mesos/slaves|grep TENANT_NAME)

download the generated file

dna copy  -rs /tmp/logfiles.tar.xz . worker-1

finally, remove the compressed file.

dna connect worker-1
sudo rm /tmp/logfiles.tar.xz

Tested product/plugin versions

CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise 1.7.1

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    Irmantas Marozas

    Small thing, but might be a show stopper for inexperienced users:

    First step creates: logs.tar.xz.

    Rest examples are referring to logfiles.tar.xz.


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    Arnaud Héritier


    Hi Irmantas

      Effectively it is misleading. I pushed the fix to our team. It will be updated soon.

      Thanks a lot

    Best regards

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