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Upgrade Cloudbees(AWS EKS)



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    Arnaud Héritier

    Hi Harikrishna,


      The first error ( jenkins.model.GlobalConfigurationCategory$Unclassified : splunkJenkinsInstallation ) looks to come from Jenkins Config As Code which is failing to configure the instance and thus it dies:


    2020-02-17 06:23:39.960+0000 [id=27] SEVERE jenkins.InitReactorRunner$1#onTaskFailed: Failed ConfigurationAsCode.init
    io.jenkins.plugins.casc.ConfiguratorException: Invalid configuration elements for type class jenkins.model.GlobalConfigurationCategory$Unclassified : splunkJenkinsInstallation.
    Available attributes : administrativeMonitorsConfiguration, alerter, ansiColorBuildWrapper, artifactManager, bitbucketEndpointConfiguration, buildStepOperation, casCGlobalConfig, cloud, contentFilters, defaultView, descriptionSetterWrapper, dropDownGlobalConfiguration, envInjectNodeProperty, experimentalPlugins, extendedEmailPublisher, findBugsReporter, findbugs, gitHubConfiguration, gitHubPluginConfig, gitSCM, globalConfigFiles, globalConfigurationImpl, globalDefaultFlowDurabilityLevel, globalLibraries, globalSettings, httpRequestGlobalConfig, jiraGlobalConfiguration, location, mailer, masterBuild, mavenModuleSet, metricsAccessKey, myView, naginatorPublisher, nodeProperties, openTasks, operationsCenterRootAction, pipeline-model, plugin, pollSCM, prioritySorterConfiguration, projectNamingStrategy, provisioningLimitConfiguration, quietPeriod, rebuildDescriptor, resourceRoot, scmRetryCount, sdlcBuildNotifierAdv, shell, simple-theme-plugin, singleConditionalBuilder, sonarGlobalConfiguration, tasksReporter, testResultsAnalyzerExtension, throttleJobProperty, timestamperConfig, usageStatistics, viewsTabBar, warningsParsers, warningsPlugin

    The best solution is to open a support case and we will assist you to fix it.


    Best regards


  • Harikrishna Addepalli

    Further to this, we have two master jenkins on this cloudbees core jenkins (kubernetes) as shown below, the master jenkins "teams-buildeng" dont have any issue when doing upgrade, however other master jenkins "teams-toolseng" failed with above exception stack (except tenant_name, domain_name etc, the config remains same, still it fails). Please let us know what caused this issue ?

    1. teams-buildeng

    2. teams-toolseng

    PS : just upgraded to 2.204.2.x, still same issue persists.



  • Harikrishna Addepalli

    Hi Arnaud,

    To be clear, the config between these two jenkins master -  teams-buildeng and teams-toolseng remains same including "splunkJenkinsInstallation", no issue is seen in teams-buildeng while issue is seen in other jenkins master -teams-toolseng. Any clue ?

  • Arnaud Héritier

    it's probably a problem with a plugin installed in a different version or not installed in one server. 


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