issues with created and using a shared library in pipeline

I am having some issues with using a shared library in my Jenkins pipeline.

in my pipeline is call the shared library with this call:

def template = library(identifier: 'ESBUILDANDDEPLOY@master', retriever: modernSCM([$class: 'GitSCMSource', remote: 'https://github.factset.com/FactSet/ESBUILDANDDEPLOY.git'])).template

in the custom template file I created there is the following

package template
class esbuildOps implements Serializable {
    static def buildSolution(solutionFolder,projectFolder,projectName,configuration,isWebApp=false, appname = "" ){
    /*blahBlahBlah   there's real groovy code here, but it is not the point */

and then when I try to use it:

    def retfolder = template.esbuildOps.buildSolution("${env:WORKSPACE}",projectFolder,projectName,configuration ,true )

it fails with the following:

java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: template.esbuildOps.null at java.net.URLClassLoader.findClass(URLClassLoader.java:382)

can someone tell me what I am doing wrong?

when I look at the replay in the jenkins app I plainly see both files, so the file is being found, but I must be missing something

I have tried it with and without "serializable" with the same result.


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