Best practices for auto configuration of CloudBees Jenkins Distribution

Hello all,

I'm trying to setup auto configuration for CloudBees Jenkins Distribution (CBJD) and running into some issues. I'm wondering if there are any best practices for this. Here are the issues:

  1. Initial admin password screen/unlock: currently I'm just moving the initialAdminPassword file. Is there a better procedure?
  2. Registration/license: this is a big one. From what I can tell there is no way to automatically register and get a license. Is this always a manual step?
  3. CBJD plugins: from what I can tell, the only way to install the CBJD plugins automatically is through the Jenkins CLI. Is this correct?

The big hurdle is #2. CBJD requires registration (which I understand). The reason this is an issue is because I may want to spin up test stacks of CBJD to do some CasC testing for new pipelines/projects/etc, or some other testing.

If #2 is something that cannot be dealt with, then is it worth using the CBJD distribution? Would it be better to use the latest Jenkins LTS and install the recommended CBJD products? (I'm completely open to that alternative.)




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