copy folder from one location to another location through jenkins.instance groovy script

please suggest me a script for how to copy job folder to another location, I have tried below  one, but it is not working due to copy method is available for the library


stage('Copy') {
def log = "$Source_Path"
def folderName = log.substring(log.lastIndexOf("/") + 1, log.length())
println "$folderName"
def Archival_Path_folder=Archival_Path+"/"+folderName
println ("$Archival_Path_folder = merged")
def jenkins = Jenkins.instance
def folder = jenkins.getItemByFullName(Archival_Path)
if (folder == null) {
println "ERROR: Folder '$Archival_Path' not found"
else {
println "Folder found $folder"
// Get the all Folders
jenkins.getAllItems().findAll { it.fullName == "${Source_Path}" }.each { folder1 ->
if (folder1.fullName == "$Archival_Path_folder") {
println "folder is already there in the same folder"
} else{
println "Moving '$folder1.name' to '$folder.name'"
Items.move(folder1, folder)

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    Denys Digtiar

    Hi Rameshmari,

    The Jenkins Pipeline is a DSL for defining Continuous Delivery pipelines. It is not designed for maintenance tasks. 

    The feature that is designed for this task is the Jenkins Script Console.

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