How to Auto-install Plugins with Cloudbees-Core HELM deployment

Attempting to deploy Cloudbees-core to an Azure hosted instance of Kubernetes (AKS) in an unattended way (no UI). I'm vaguely familiar with the various options that support Jenkins configuration as code ... groovy and the CJasC plugin.

Looking for some guidance on best approach. My initial thoughts were to use the CJasC plugin as it seems a little more straightforward than groovy but then I run into the Chicken vs Egg situation. I'm not seeing any way to enable auto-install of plugins in the HELM chart or provide a list of plugins.

Before I invest time into rolling my own solution to get Plugins pre-installed via the HELM chart install I thought I'd solicit feedback from the community to see if I'm missing anything that already exists.

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    Manuel Cardenas

    Maybe a way to cover your use case would be to customize the image so that you could include an additional init groovy script that could take care of the plugin installation?

    I have not tried it myself but it should work.

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