Trace DSL methods to parent plugins?

Is it possible to list all of the available DSL methods and then trace them back to their corresponding plugin? I utilize Jenkins' files that may also utilize global scripts, I would like to basically determine which plugins are being used\needed. I know there are some 'usage' plugins that look at the config.xml for a particular job but I am interested in figuring out the plugin dependencies in a Jenkins' file and any nested scripts called via that file. Any help is greatly appreciated.


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    Alex Taylor

    Hey Andre,


    Right now the best way I can think of to trace steps that you are using inside of a pipeline to the plugin that is using them would be to take a look at the `pipeline syntax` link inside of a pipeline job and then identify the pipeline steps you are using. The `?` button will usually show which plugin the step comes from and allow you to see which plugins you are using.

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    Ray Kivisto

    One additional way to look this up would be to go to:


    Then click on the step that you are interested in, such as:


    Then click the link on the page titled:

       "View this plugin on the Plugins Index"

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