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OKTA with Jenkins




  • Daniel Dold

    Hi Eyal,

    I think you are asking the question in the wrong section. This is for DevOptics specific questions.

    You could have more luck asking this in the Questions & Answers section. 



  • Pierre Beitz

    Hello Eyal,

    Your case seems a bit complex. From the information you shared, here are a couple of observations:

    * it looks like you use version 2 of the swarm plugin, which dates back to 2015 to connect your agents.

    * somehow the connection attempt of an agent ends up with a 401 error code (not sure why, it looks like there is an issue retrieving the crumb).


    This leads me to formulate the following hypothesis: somehow while you setup OKTA integration something got changed in your master configuration (plugin update? setting?) that lead to this situation. The fact that you are using a 4 years old swarm plugin makes me think that possibly something got updated that made this old plugin incompatible.

    This is obviously a guess as I don't have the full picture. In case you are a customer, please open a ticket and attach a full support bundle for review.




  • Eyal Cohen

    Hi Pierre
    It was my mistake when I by mistake copy that error from Google search, but I have the same error, anyhow I found that the URL changed by okta,so I have to double check it again since now got Jenkins error ... I think, thanks Eyal


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