Differentiate folder and job via API

Hello All,

I am new to Jenkins and CloudBees. 

Seeking help/direction on understanding and achieving the below:

1. Is there any API that supports tree read of folders and jobs (in a true structured way). I did check 'json?depth=N&pretty' call but that requires me to pass a depth value which I as an end user of API may not be in a position to figure out.

2. In order to achieve the use-case mentioned in first point, I am looking for any API that tells us the depth of tree (so that I can call the tree API).

3. Are there any APIs that give us entire jobs (not folders) and folders (not jobs) with a parameter input to indicate what I'm looking for. E.g. the parameter would read 'folders' and result in folders' list and if it reads 'jobs' it results in files' list as such.




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    Prashanth Pedduri

    I'm looking for a way to raise a new API request to come up with this API support to read jobs/folders in a hierarchical manner.

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