Pipelines on JOC?

We've encountered a use case for running pipelines on the JOC - specifically, running scripts on multiple masters, and iterating through the results to create a consolidated report.  For reference, here's a good example of the type of iterative script that needs to be executed: https://github.com/cloudbees/jenkins-scripts/blob/master/print-masters-plugins.groovy

As it stands, the only way I can see to do this is to run a pipeline on the JOC.  Is there any reason we would not want to install the related plugins and/or why we would not want to do this?

The current approach requires us to manually browse to https://JOC-ip-address/script and then copy/paste the script and run manually...seems like there has to be a better way.

Other than executing a pipeline, is there another option for accomplishing this?   Note that a "Cluster Operation" is not an option because instead of a script which is limited to one master, we need to iterate through the results from each master and create a consolidated report.


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