"Failed to instantiate optional component" messages when installing the CloudBees DevOptics plugin on Operations Center

As part of the setup for installing the CloudBees DevOptics plugin on CloudBees Core with Operations Center, the user is first asked to install the plugin on Operations Center.

See here for the documentation: Install plugin on CloudBees Core with Operations Center

On Operations Center, you may see messages such as this:

"Jan 04, 2019 10:26:29 AM INFO hudson.ExtensionFinder$GuiceFinder$FaultTolerantScope$1 error
Failed to instantiate optional component com.cloudbees.devoptics.deliver.jira.ApiCrumbExclusion; skipping"

This is an information message, not an error, indicating that an optional part of the CloudBees DevOptics plugin has not been instantiated for Operations Center.

This is because the JIRA functionality in the plugin is intended for Jenkins and CloudBees Core masters, not Operations Center. Jenkins correctly detects the optional functionality and does not enable it (hence the `INFO` level of the logging message). 

As the documentation states, if choosing the "Install plugin on CloudBees Core with Operations Center" route, the plugin must first be installed on Operations Center.


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