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trigger multiple jobs



  • Denys Digtiar

    It is not quite clear what exactly you are trying to achieve. Maybe you can place some pseudocode in GitHub Gist or something like that to make it cleared.

    In any case, the `build` step has a `wait` parameter which enables you to trigger builds and move on instead of waiting for completion. This is one way to start multiple builds of a downstream project.

  • Ranjith Kumar

    Hi Team,
    is it possible to have call with you team to talk about this issues.

  • Denys Digtiar

    I am afraid I cannot locate the active subscription for your account since you seem to have logged in with the private email.

    If you have a subscription, feel free to create a support ticket and we can discuss this issue further.

    If you don't have a subscription, I can put you in contact with our sales so that you can learn about available services. It sounds like you might be interested in the CloudBees Jenkins Support.

    Best regards,


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