Settings pages do not load information

Hi I have a new DevOptics free account which I just created about 90 minutes ago and when I go to to the settings pages (gear icon) and select any one of the options:

  • You user profile
  • Your organization(s)
  • Connected Masters
  • JIRA

I get a page that says Loading account settings.... but never populates with any information. Below is a screenshot showing this problem with connected masters:

Also, You user profile should be Your user profile.


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    Stephen Badger Official comment

    Thank you for reporting this. This issue has now been fixed. If you refresh the DevOptics page, you should now find that account settings are now loading.

    A separate ticket has been raised for the typographical error "You user profile" should be "Your user profile" and will be addressed in due course.

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    Adam Reid

    Thank you Stephen. It's working now!

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    Mathew Silva

    That typo has now been fixed as well!
    Thanks for reporting this Adam!

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