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Is there any open API to retrieve data / information from Devoptics ?




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    Stephen Connolly

    As present (Sep 2018) we do not provide an API in the DevOptics SaaS to expose the information. There is an open RFE for exposing the information via an API but - as I understand it - Product is still in the requirements gathering phase. I recommend contacting your CloudBees representative with use-cases for forwarding to our Product team to assist them in mapping the requirements for API access.

    There are APIs in Jenkins that allow access to most of the information we use to derive the data we display in DevOptics, however some of that information is non-trivial to derive.

    For example, the Jenkins Metrics plugin exposes the metrics via a REST interface, but there is a lot of noise in those metrics, plus they do not include the breakdown against build labels and you would also need to aggregate across masters.

    In the case of Value Streams, there is no facile APIs exposed by Jenkins as - in general - Jenkins is not so interested in the commit graph from source control nor the intersection points of artifact fingerprints

  • Robert Lawson

    It's been a while, but this would be quite useful!


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